For the first time in Sensation history, The World’s Leading Dance Event will travel the globe to premiere a brand new show. Committed to innovation and excellence, you can expect an enticing spectacle that will dazzle the senses. With a new stage, performers and the world’s biggest DJs in attendance, thousands of people of people from all over the world will unite in white for this historic moment.


This show will be a journey into the deep, which unveils secrets unsurpassed, far beyond any expectation. Imagine a water world full of mysteries of the unexplored.

Gigantic jellyfish will flow through the ocean and numerous fountains will be bursting water meters high. Where the crowd is immersed in a tidal wave of unity and euphoria, world-class acts & performances, pyro techniques and many more lead to a unique manifestation. You’ll discover an ocean spectacle that explodes to the beat of the music. You’ll explore our creation named ‘Ocean of White’.


House is more than just music, it’s a way of life.

Our Celebrate Life show lets the public, acrobats, performers, DJs and visitors interact with each other to create a magical environment of unity, happiness and peaceful interaction.

A giant pyramid in the middle of the venue lets the crowd dressed in white dance next to the performing DJ. Celebrate life together!


On Saturday, July 8th 2017, the very last Sensation will be held in Amsterdam. With ‘The Final’ as the theme, the Amsterdam ArenA will be transformed into the biggest nightclub on earth for one last time. Ticket sales start on February 27th at 16:00 (CET) at

Be part of the night, dress in white, and join us to Celebrate Life at ‘The Final’ edition of Sensation Amsterdam with our massive lineup including Mr. White, Sunnery James & Ryan Marciano, Fedde Le Grand, Hardwell, Special Guest, Axwell Λ Ingrosso, and MC Gee.

The Final edition applies only to Amsterdam, not the international tour.


Chile, we’re extremely excited to announce that we are the first confirmed show of Andes Future! On April 21st, Sensation will bring an exclusive Andes edition to the peaks of Santiago’s renowned region. Be part of the night – dress in white.


After two massive editions at Meydan, be prepared for something that will blow your mind. This year on Friday November 11th…we’re moving to one of Dubai’s most hidden treasures.


We are going to take you on an inner journey to awakening through seven different moments. The show evokes a sense of enlightenment.

The message? Capture the moment, live in the present and don’t think of the past or the future. Gather together with your friends and celebrate life!

Expect to be amazed by an overwhelming three-dimensional light experience featuring immense flowers in the middle of the arena and spectacular aerial dancers.


On July 2nd, Sensation will return to the Amsterdam ArenA with a brand new show: ‘Angels and Demons’. For once Sensation will break with convention, in addition to the white dress code we will introduce the black dress code. Expect a journey filled with contradictions, and get ready for a night where your inner angel or demon will be challenged at the highest level. Be part of a show, in which duality becomes unity.


This show is a culmination of sensations that is packed with pleasure and seduction and transforms every venue into the ultimate adult playground.

Enjoy the ride of a lifetime in which we take you to the next level through unbelievable special effects and our groundbreaking highest stage ever built at Sensation. ‘Welcome to the Pleasuredome’ will be a merry-go-round for the senses with endless discoveries. The combination of light shows, acrobatics, dancers, pyro-artists and the audience itself will make this an epic night of entertainment and pleasure.


Have you ever ventured into a magical world? We invite you to enter Wicked Wonderland. Join us as we wander through a modern fairytale in common reality, peeping through keyholes and unveiling mysteries by opening doors. Wicked Wonderland is a place full of secrets and surprises, rewarding the curiosity of those willing to lose themselves.

Expect a giant butterfly stage in the center of the stadium. Mythical figures from your dreams fly through the air. All combined with a unique lightshow, lasers, confetti and a booming sound system. This is one you don’t want to miss!


What began fifteen years ago as a dream to turn a stadium into the biggest club on earth, is now a worldwide phenomenon. Over two million people in more than thirty countries have come together to unite in white at the world’s most iconic venues.


Now it’s time to celebrate fifteen years with an exclusive show named ‘The Legacy’. This edition retraces the journey of Sensation. It was born in Amsterdam and went on to travel around the globe. Sensation has created its own religion. It invites friends from past and present to create the future in the ‘Temple of House’. With a groundbreaking center stage, world-class DJs and performances, you can expect to enter a world that will truly blow your mind.

All the breathtaking show moments from the past are combined to create a brand new show. You won’t find such an extraordinary atmosphere with forty thousand people, all dressed in white, anywhere else. This edition will be a once-in-a-lifetime experience and will only take place in Amsterdam.


‘Into The Wild’ is all about releasing your inner animal and compares modern-day nightlife to the universal laws of the animal kingdom. From the awakening of the wild animals, to chasing and catching the prey, all the way to celebrating victory.

The venue is totally transformed into a white oasis as the light shows and pyro effects create a futuristic atmosphere that transforms the space into a hot jungle set to unleash wild, mind-blowing action.

DJs will give you more than you could ever wish for in this spectacular night that tantalizes all the senses.